In-depth Review of the Crochet Lite Hooks

Light Up Crochet Hooks Review

If you love crocheting a then you know the value of using the right crochet hook. The outcome of the process depends very much on the quality of the crochet hook you are using. Among the seemingly limitless brands of crochet currently in the market, Crochet Lite hooks are the best. It is well designed and has several unique features that make it ideal for beginners, intermediate and even seasoned crocheters. We will start by looking into these features before discussing pros and cons associated with this particular light up crochet hook.

Unique Features of Crochet Lite Hooks

Unlike the traditional crochets you have always known, the Lite Crochet Hooks has some unusual features that make them very different. Perhaps these are the very features that made you look for a review of this crochet anyway. Here are the major features:

• Great Design

This crochet hook features a plastic handle with an elastomer thumb grip, which is comfortable and helps to secure your hand. It also features a plastic hook. The handle includes the American standard sizing (letter) and the metric sizing, which is helpful because some crochet patterns will give you the letter sizing while others will give you the millimeter sizing.

Because of the light up function, most people believe Lite is heavy but that could not be further from the truth. The Crochet hook is tapered just the inline hooks you are used to but it has surprisingly smooth surface allowing you to work through the stitches effortlessly.

• Battery Powered

Part of the handle features a battery area with a convenient cover that lets you open and closes the area easily and securely. Information on the type of battery to use is also included in the handle. The crochet uses comes with one set of three G3-A watch batteries. The batteries power the unique light up function of the crochet allowing you to work effortlessly even at night. You can get more batteries from the company for replacement.

• The Light up Function

The greatest and the most impressive feature of the Crochet Lite hook is the light up function. It features an on/off switch, which controls an LED light that illuminates the yarn allowing you to work in dim light conditions. It also makes it easy to crochet with dark colored yarns. With this, you do not have to worry about missing or guessing leading to mistakes.

Pros and Cons of Crochet Lite Hooks

To help you understand better the qualities of this light up crochet, you can consider the following pros and cons. By considering these aspects, you can make an informed choice if you are struggling with the idea of whether to purchase this type of lighted crochet hooks.


• Lightweight design with plastic handle and comfortable elastomer to secure your hand

• Comes with seizing information on both letter and millimeter to enable you to choose the correct size for your needs.

• Comes in assorted sizes from C to K or from 2.5 to 6.5 millimeters for versatility

• The light up function is great because it allows you to crochet in dim light and when crocheting with dark colored yarns

• Suitable for older crocheters with diminishing vision because of the light up function

• Comes in many different colors to suit the needs of everyone in terms of taste and preferences


• It is quite noisy making it unsuitable to use in public places or doing something that needs quiet environment.

• Since the hook is made of plastic, it has different resistance compared to aluminium or other metal hooks.

• Battery life is not as long given the price. The light dims after about 5-6 hours of use. However, when you switch it on again after being off for some time, it comes a little bit brighter.


Crocheting is a nice hobby that can help you produce useful fabrics too. Light up crochet hooks have been in the market for a while but many people do not know about them. If you were among those then you must be happy now that we have adequately informed you. Crochet Lite will help you enjoy crocheting with dark colored yarns and in dim light. However, you need to be careful to use them in private places because of they are quite noisy because of the squeaking sound they produce as you crochet.


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